We strive to act according to the principles of fair business. We appreciate our employees as well as the environment. The technologies we use and the processes we implement consider for the environment through their energy-efficient operation.

Fair business

We are convinced that fair attitude to people we work for and we work with, as well as to the environment where we live, can help us to reach long time satisfaction of our own as well as of our employees. We have decided to highlight this approach through applying for ISO Management Certificates as well as for certificates in the fields of environment protection and safety and health protection at work. Granting the above certificates presumes fulfilment of a complex of rules, norms and regulations and we have committed ourselves to respect them.

Employment policy

Our company has been constantly growing for 13 years of its existence. We strive to create nice, motivating and stable working environment for our employees. Since the establishment of our company, the number of employees has increased almost 4 times.


We are constantly working on improvement of our professional skills and competence. Our employees regularly take part at all trainings prescribed by the law as well as at those organised by our partners concerning the usage and assembly of equipments. Last but not least, we take part on number of trainings which are not prescribed by any act but which we consider as an inevitable part of our professional progress and responsible business.

Environmental and energetic responsibility

Technology we use as well as solutions we implement fulfil the most demanding criteria for efficient use of energy, heat and other resources. Protecting the environment and friendly waste management are really important for us. We are aware of the fact that only this approach can ensure sustainable development and we want to contribute as much as possible.